In a nutshell, we are a discount distributor of choral and handbell music to schools and churches across the country. We have been in business since 1984. Our prodeedure is to take orders, place them with publishers around the country, and ship them using UPS or USPS to our customers. We offer a 20% discount on everything.

From time to time, we distribute sample packets of music which we have found to be exceptional and offer them at a 25% discount for a limited time.

Beginning in early May until near the end of July, we accept summer orders. Customers can pick any music they wish, order it anytime within the summer order season, receive delivery before Labor Day, and enjoy a 25% discount.

We've noticed, since the first of the year, an increase of 6% last year and another 3% this year in UPS charges and where USPS charges for Priority Mail have gone from $5.05 to $6.45, and now to $6.65. We can't do anything about that, except to say these increases are way beyond other increases in the economy.
What's Happening-

Sep 4: Summer sale has come and gone. Except for a few of the usual hic-ups, it went without much of a hitch. Now's a good time to firm up plans for Christmas and order now. Give yourself a cushion incase something is out of print. It happens, you know.

May 10: Summer sale open! Go to SummerOrder for details

Feb 12: Our 25% sale is now closed. We do have some remaining stock which we will put on sale via this website in the near future. It will show up on the 30% page.

Jan 9. 25% Sale is now on! Go to the 25% Off page for details.


Off to a cold start here in Michigan. But in a few days, we will send out a packet of interesting music.

Sept. All orders were shipped on time. There are, as always, a few issues with pieces being temp. out of print, backorder, etc. But all in all, another good summer!


Aug 10. First orders being shipped today. OK, it's a small order, but we're on our way."

Summer sale is over, orders to publishers are in and cases of new music are starting to appear here. Check the status of your order from the Summer Sale page


It's May and our summer sale is on. Click on SummerSale for details.


Sent out sample packets for our 25% Off Sale. If you didn't receive one, let us know and we'll send one to you. The sale does end on Feb. 17, '17.


It's been a busy fall and Christmas season. We trust it's gone well for all of you. Expect a packet of sample music in January. There will be some - attention getting- titles. We hope you will find them useful!


(8/27) Last Summer Order shipped..there are a few "orphans", ie, backorders, incorrect product shipped to us, miscounts, etc. But the bulk is out.

(8/11) First summer orders shipped today.

(8/5) Found out the order I sent to Alfred got lost. Reordered - shouldn't delay anyone. And things were going so well..

(8/3) Started putting a table page on site which showes the status, by invoice number, of the summer sale filling process.


Summer sale ended, but we were able to accomidate a few not too late orders. All order to pubishers (except one title) were placed by my deadline of July 30. All goes well.


Summer Sale is now on. Go to "Summer Order" page for details.


3/5 Closed out the Winter packet sale. Even though the sale is over, we have a few copies left over. Go ahead and place an order and I'll fill it until I run out.


2/9 A few more titles are now on sale on the SaleOn! page. Worth a look.

2/5 First packets of 25% sale music went out. Sale lasts 'till March 5

2/2 Basic operation of the Inventory Search page is working.