In a nutshell:

We are a discount distributor of choral and handbell music to schools and churches across the country.

We have been in business since 1984. Our procedure is to take orders, place them with publishers around the country, and ship them using UPS or USPS to our customers. We offer a 20% discount on everything.

As I wrote to most of our customers, we are going to scale back a bit in 2019. We will still be offering the 20% discount on all choral and handbell music all the time. We are also putting a large number of pieces on sale at a deep discount - like 50% off in many cases. These are pieces we stocked over the years or supplied for reading sessions or promoted in special mailings. At a 50% - or more - discount, you may consider squirreling them away for another year. They won’t be on sale forever.

We are also asking that you try to order 20 or more copies of each title. In cutting back what we stock from publishers, we are now caught in a higher minimum when we order from them.

There’s no substitute for having the right piece of music at the right time in front of your choir. At a time when budgets might be shrinking, you are being good stewards by doing a little legwork and planning ahead and taking advantage of substantial discounts. Bravo!

As of today -March 16- there are a few more pieces on sale at SaleOn In fact, I think there is a piece that someone wanted last summer: Behold A Day. Here it is for $1, not $2.50. Yes, there are bargins.